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About Jazz Stew

Cooking great food and listening to great Jazz was the spark that fired up the concept of Jazz Stew. Both are great passions. The show is a musical mélange that incorporates all the genres of Jazz with a foodie twist – Because Jazz Stew is not just one type of Jazz, it is a “stewpot” of many genres in one show. There is a painful need to keep Jazz alive, since terrestrial Radio has abandoned it. The show also incorporates our favorite recipes that correspond with the theme of the show – and they are easy to make yourself!

Jazz Stew is a national and international podcast in every corner of the globe, and it is growing every day. The Podcast features a theme each episode and covers all genres of Jazz: Traditional, Cool, Smooth, Fusion, Blues, etc. The show’s objective is to enlighten, educate, and entertain the listener, whether they are aficionados or beginners in Jazz.

Bob Marrone | SVP, Production